A patient mobile app combined with a modular digital platform for a greater impact

A patient mobile app combined with a modular digital platform for a greater impact

Apo Tech Care has built a flexible and modular solution to match your specific needs.

A two-sided digital solution, made to match every patients preferences and trials protocoles.

Improved patient experience and engagement

Throughout their care journey or a clinical study they part of, patients can rely on their digital companion Apo to get better value and less burden.

Modular, interoperable and scalable digital solution

Our digital platform has been designed with modular building blocks, so that you can use only modules needed in accordance with the protocole.

Why Apo Tech Care ?

Deliver value to patients

With Apo, you offer patients a win-win partnership, where patients engage in your study, while being delivered value to better monitor their disease in the long term.

Improve planning

We have hundreds of ready to use modules and functionalities you might need for your study or Patient Support Program. Help yourself off-the shelf, and build a tailored solution in a few days.


Decrease costs

Our solution is based on building blocks we choose to match your protocole’s needs. It’s easy and instantaneous, you don’t lose time nor lose money, with a pay-per-use model.

Team up with a partner addressing your needs all along the drug life-cycle

Whether you need an ePRO or eDiary for your Phase III trial, or a Patient Support Program to optimize your treatment launch, or collect Real World Evidence in real time to optimize market access, we are on your side.

You are a CRO, scientific society or a Pharmaceutical company willing to support patients starting a new treatment, collect Real World Evidence or reduce costs and delays of your next studies ?