Empower patients, doctors and researchers to win over chronic disease

Empower patients, doctors and researchers to win over chronic disease

Our digital solution, Apo, optimizes patients-doctors collaboration and facilitates patient engagement into research.

A seamless experience to make a positive domino effect on the lives of millions of chronic patients

More value and impact, less burden and time waste

Throughout their care journey or a clinical study, patients can rely on their companion Apo to get better value and less burden, while doctors and researchers save time in the data collection and analysis processes.

Seamless and efficient

Patients are informed of a study launched by their companion Apo, and if they opt in, everything will be automatically configured in their app Apo, for the time of the study.

Flexible and scalable to your needs

Our solution is composed of building blocks, so that you can use only modules needed to match study protocole or patient support program needs.

Inclusive research

Our solution breaks down barriers such as non awareness or inaccessibility of studies, lack of interoperability between systems and frustrating technology experience.


Patient Empowerment

Thanks to their user-friendly simple, efficient and personalized mobile app, patients do not feel passive anymore and engage proactively in every step of their care journey.

Personalized and preventive care made possible

Thanks to a meaningful data collection and analysis through the patient mobile app, consultations are more impactful, doctors save time, and can prevent downside risks.

preventive and personalized care

Patient-centric efficient research

Our platform reduces study timeline/costs thanks to patient recruitment made easy thanks to the app Apo, patient engagement and retention throughout the study optimized thanks to the value delivered directly to patients in their disease management.

They trust / support us

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Our users testimonies highlights simplicity, efficiency and personalization

More than 15 000 patients have chosen Apo to take control over their disease.

4.5 étoiles sur les stores d'application

rated 4.5 by our users on App Store and Play Store

Catherine UserName

” Ergonomic, attractive and rich in information and food for thought! “

Paul UserName

” This application is very interesting, practical, easy to use and very useful when you have a migraine. The fact that it is possible to share a report on your migraine attacks with your doctor is a real “plus” for consultations. “

Alexandra UserName

” A golden app! Thank you for your responsiveness in case of concern 😊 “

Based in France, we are compliant with European regulations regarding health and personal data.

RGPD compliance

You are a CRO, scientific society or a Pharmaceutical company willing to support patients starting a new treatment, collect Real World Evidence or reduce costs and delays of your next studies ?