Apo, patient’s companion to win over migraine

Simple, efficient and personalized, our mobile app assists patients in their daily migraine monitoring.

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Life with migraine can be difficult enough, no need to complicate things



To minimize the burden of migraine monitoring, Apo knows how to keep it short


Each patient has his proper way to handle migraine, Apo adapts to each patient, not the opposite

Record a migraine attack in less than 30 seconds

Filling in start time, end time, medication taken, intensity, impact of the attack. You can also add symptoms, triggers and a comment if you will.

Know how your migraine evolves in one look

Patient does not have to waste time on calculations, the synthetic analysis of his migraine attacks recorded is made automatically

Share clear and precise information with the care team

Apo compile a “doctor report” (pdf) listing key migraine monitoring indicators

Educational therapy wherever, whenever accessible

Get more and more at ease with migraine by getting to know and understand it.

patient research

Easily Take part into research and help find a solution to migraine

Taking part into research doesn’t have to be an additional burden for patients. Everything can go smoothly and be done easily through the patient mobile app.

See what patients think about Apo

More than 15 000 patients have chosen Apo to take control over their disease.

4.5 étoiles sur les stores d'application

rated 4.5 by our users on App Store and Play Store

Catherine UserName

” Ergonomic, attractive and rich in information and food for thought! “

Paul UserName

” This application is very interesting, practical, easy to use and very useful when you have a migraine. The fact that it is possible to share a report on your migraine attacks with your doctor is a real “plus” for consultations. “

Alexandra UserName

” A golden app! Thank you for your responsiveness in case of concern 😊 “

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